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Bringing the capital market to rural hospitals

Meet The HCR Team

HCR is unique because our directors really understand small hospitals and make significant contributions to the financial improvement of such hospitals so that they are better able to acquire cost effective financing.

They estimate that they have made over 2,500 presentations to rural health care boards. They take the mystery out of the capital market “lingo”. They understand rural health care and can present complex financing or other health care topics in an easily understood manner.

They do not take the smaller hospital to the capital market; HCR brings the capital market to the rural hospitals.

Larry Arthur, Director
Larry Arthur, Director

Consulting with over 600 rural hospitals in over 40 states, Larry
is recognized for his expansive knowledge of State and Federal
laws that impact critical access hospitals. He brings a unique
perspective to understanding expansion and replacement
projects in rural markets. Not only has he been instrumental
in assisting small hospitals with securing private financing, but
also has experience with government assisted loans including
HUD and USDA. Larry is nationally recognized as a CON and
CAH expert.

James M. Sneed, Director
James Sneed, Director

Jim was an audit and consulting partner for one of the nation’s
leading hospital accounting and consulting firms. During his
career in public accounting he had extensive experience working
with various lenders on new facility and expansion projects
in rural markets. As a member of HCR, Inc. he has assisted
numerous rural hospitals in securing USDA direct and loan
guarantees, as well as funding from the private market.

Let HCR bring capital to YOUR hospital. Contact us today!


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